Youth Basketball Coaching Overview

Being a youth basketball coach does not require you to be an expert in all things basketball, but it does come with a responsibility to the kids. Unfortunately though most youth coaches fall into one of two different negative categories of coaching.

The first category of coaches does a great job of teaching the players different skills and training them, but they push the kids too hard and don’t allow the kids to develop a love for the game itself. This results in the player becoming burnt out as they get older and they lose interest in basketball altogether.

On the other hand, is the second group of coaches, and they are only concerned about creating an environment for the kids that revolves around having fun, and there is no teaching of the basketball basics. So when the player gets older they really love playing basketball, but because they never learned the fundamentals of the game they struggle. They are so much farther behind all the competition and it is hard for them to make a team, or get playing time.

Neither of these is good situations and that is why it is up to you as a youth basketball coach to be able to find the right balance between having fun playing the game itself and also helping to develop your players. All of our youth basketball articles are designed to help you become the best youth coach that you can be, and that results in you helping out your players even more.

Once you have finished reading through our youth basketball articles head over to our basketball drills and basketball workouts to find some great material for your players. Most of the beginner drills are designed specifically for youth players. When you pick out your drills you want to use drills that are going to challenge your players, but also allow them to have fun while doing the drill.

Another big key is making sure that you are promoting effort and not results. Encourage the player to give their best effort and not necessarily worry about how well they do the drill. Later on in life sports will be more results driven, but at an early age, you need to teach effort in youth basketball.