Program Info

Offering Six Divisions for Ages 6 - 18

Youth Division

Ages 6 - 8

Youth Division

Ages 8 - 10

Junior Division

ages 10 - 12

Junior Division

Ages 12 - 14

Competitive Division

Ages 14 - 16

Competitive Division

Ages 16 - 18

All leagues take place during the summer between May and August

We Provide All Your Equipment

  • Cleats provided by our sponsor
  • Jersey provided by us
  • Shorts also provided by us

Special Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors 

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The Santa Fe Youth Basketball League (SFYBL) teaches children foundational basketball skills, while preparing children for life through principles of discipline, teamwork, unity, and sportsmanship. The SFYBL practices fairness for all the kids, but winning and losing will be taught to the children. All members of SFYBL reflect high standards of moral character.

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Aug 27, 2019

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Aug 15, 2019

Contact Info

Santa Fe Youth Basketball League
P.O. Box 823
Santa Fe, TX 77510